The kick-off meeting was held in October 2016, in Manaus, Brazil to foster model-experiment integration (MEI) a priori of the AmazonFACE project. The long-term goal of the MEI project is to integrate modelling and experimental work in order to derive model-based hypothesis for the outcome of the AmazonFACE project. Based on strong collaborations between empirical and experimental scientists and ecosystem modellers this approach will allow to guide experimental design, as well as further the development of terrestrial ecosystem models and thus should improve our predictive understanding of ecosystem responses to elevated CO2.


The main objective of the workshop was to foster the exchange between the experimentalists engaged in the AmazonFACE project and modelers from within and outside of the project, to evaluate a set of preliminary model runs for the AmazonFACE site and define ongoing activities and goals. More than 20 people joined the workshop and participants included the scientific members of AmazonFACE, responsible for the modelling and experimental task, international modelling experts, and associated researchers. The follow-up workshop for the project is to be held in Germany in May 2017. For further information contact us here.