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Elevated CO2 and resilience of the Amazon forest

The existence, magnitude and duration of a supposed CO2 fertilization effect in tropical forests remains largely undetermined.

Socio-economic impacts of climate change in Amazonia

A climate-driven degradation of the Amazon forest will certainly incur in costs for several sector for the region’s sócio-economy such as agriculture, energy and health

AmazonFACE linkages with policies

Informing decision and driving transversal thinking, in short and long-term strategic plans for environmental conservation and maintaining of ecosystem services in the Amazon region.

Project Tasks

Aboveground ecological processes

Constant monitoring of tree growth, photosynthesis, transpiration, plant water fluxes, phenology and more...

Belowground ecological processes

Root dynamics, soil water movements, soil respiration, nutrient dynamics and more...

Meteorology and Engineering

Wind, temperature, humidity, radiation, CO2 profiles, engineering plans and more...

Ecosystem Modeling

Model-experiment integration, model-generated hypothesis, innovative ways of modeling tropical forests and more...

Socio-political- economic impacts

Impacts of a large-scale climate driven degradation of the Amazon forest on the region’s sócio-economy, interface with environmental policies and more...

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Roots from AmazonFACE
  • 05/06/2017 23:17
IDB AmazonFACE Symposim
  • 05/06/2017 23:16