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3rd Amazonia & Climate Change Fieldcourse

Oct / 17

In the period of October 16-21, 2017 the AmazonFACE program hosted the 3rd edition of the Amazonia & Climate Change fieldcourse in the Cuieiras Biological Reserve (ZF2), 70km north of Manaus.

This year the course attended a total of 24 students with different background (biologists, ecologists, meteorologists, social scientists, and even an anthropologist) from a number of institutions in Brazil and from abroad.

The proximate objective of this course is to convey scientific theory and methodologies in climate change research in the Amazon forest, focusing on the ecological consequences on forest functioning and on the region’s socio-economic system from a model-data integration perspective. After a first day of introductory at INPA in Manaus city, students are confronted with the state-of-art methods for assessing the impacts of climate change in a relatively pristine forest area.

This 3rd edition of the field course received funding support from AmazonFACE associated projects that are maintained by the Amazon Fund and the U.S.A. International Develppment agency (USAID).

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