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IDB AmazonFACE Symposim

Jun / 17

On June 7 and 8, 2017 the Inter-American Development Bank Headquarters will host the symposium AmazonFACE: impacts of climate change on the Amazon forest. The event aims at presenting the results of AmazonFACE Phase 1 - which is now coming to an end - to the program’s current and prospective funders, the scientific community, and decision makers that may benefit from its outcomes.

The symposium’s agenda has a good equilibrium between speeches by senior scientists, funding agencies and decision makers, as well as time slots reserved for open discussions. The event will also inaugurate the science-art interface exhibit named “Amazonia and Climate Change: a future in photos, illustrations and science” that will be placed in other locations of the USA and Brazil after the meeting at IDB. It is expected to welcome about 70 participants from the USA, Brazil, Europe and Australia.

Registration can be done in the following link: IDB AmazonFACE Symposium.

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